erf24 – committed to the region

As a regionally based and internationally operating company we are committed to supporting sports and social life as well as charitable institutions in our region.
In doing so erf24 supports clubs and organisations that want to do something for the region and those that take on responsibility for the region.


erf24’s commitment to sport includes the support of young people in selected sports. Supporting children and young people in their free-time activities form an integral part of er24’s responsibility for the region.



Away from our daily work we are constantly endeavouring to actively support social and charitable projects in and outside the region.

erf24 invests in education

In February 2016 we provided the Erfurt school authorities with 45 fully working monitors free of charge.

These were then given to chosen schools in order to improve the lessons there.

Then as is so often the case: the future belongs to our young people!

Also the community college in Weimar as well as the university of Jena were happy recipients of a total of 50 monitors.

Parents’ initiative for children with cancer Jena e.V.

In 2015 our team forum, health team and apprentices raised €1000 in donations and the management rounded this figure up to €1500. Our employees at erf24 were able to decide who received the donations.

Managing director, Mario Leinhos, Madeleine Reuter team forum member, Daniela Eichfeld apprentice representative and Anja Helmis from the health team were able to hand over the check for €1500. In addition, they were able to gain a valuable insight into the work of the parents’ initiative. We would like to wish Katrin Mohrholz and her team continued strength and happiness in supporting the affected families and to thank her for the very informative morning.

Children’s hospice Central Germany

We don’t just donate – we actively help!

Our first year apprentices set off highly motivated to the children’s hospice in Tambach-Dietharz.  

The gardens needed weeding, the overgrown plants cutting back and plants and flowers to be planted. The lawn mower hardly ever stopped and the strimmer was almost glowing – weeding, planting, steam-cleaning the balconies and cleaning windows……

At the end of the work the managing directors Mario Leinhos and Göran Giegler paid a surprise visit. 

They both handed Frau Werner, the head of the hospice, a cheque for €1000.