The kids of our kindergarden explored the airport Erfurt - Weimar

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How come the baggage get in the plane?
Why does the airport have a "finger"?
And who regulates the traffic there?

20 children of our company kindergarden "KiTa im Brühl" received answers to these and many other questions.

And where is that better than at the airport Erfurt-Weimar, which is located right infront of our door?

The tram took the kids to the picnic lunch on the viewing terrace and the children were strengthened for a special kind of exploration tour.

Security control, a bus ride over runway and departure of the Germania with the direction of Spain followed.

The professional fire brigade did not miss a taste of her skills.

As a small surprise, there was an inflatable plane for each child to commemorate that day.

Many thanks to the colleagues from the airport Erfurt-Weimar for this look behind the scenes!

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